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2289Re: [bmw e28] E28/M535i...ingnition barrel/key fault.

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  • axh558
    Mar 19, 2004
      I have now removed the ignition barrel and steering lock and i have
      got to say i found it very very easy,in fact worryingly too easy(i
      can see who joy riders do there stuff so quickly now!!)But i will not
      post details here!!
      I will of course need to replace the lock and barrel,how much for a
      lock and barrel...anyone?
      Or would it be cheaper to go to a breakers a try and get a upper
      column with a barrel and key?
      Any E12-28 upper coloumn fit??I suspect so..but would like to make
      sure first!!

      Thanks for all previous advice!

      Many regards:Ben
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