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2321Did australia get E28's with M10 engines?? What about LPG??

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  • speciator
    Apr 4, 2004
      Hello all, I'm in Australia and I want to upgrade from my 318i e21
      to an e28. I'd like to have 4cyl M10 in it (I know the engine), but
      so far all I can find is 6cyl M20's. Anyone know if we got them
      here? If not, is buying an E28 with an M20 and swapping it over to a
      4cyl M10 a realistic proposition? Fuel is just getting too bloody
      expensive here!

      Also, has anyone tried running an M10 K-Jetronic on Lpg/ natural
      gas? (I'd buy a motorbike but I've got a 2 yearold!).
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