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2348RE: [bmw e28] Ignition barrell (keyswitch) problem

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  • jonny-bravo@tiscali.co.uk
    Apr 20, 2004
      I've done a few jobs along these lines for customers (I run a key cutting
      etc. service here in s shropshire) and you can normally do something about
      it. either pull the remnant out with pointy pliers, if the snapped end is
      still visible (flush or a bit more with the face of the lock barrel) or
      be brave and push the rest of the key in all the way (check its the same
      way round as when you broke it or it wont quite fit) and extract the barrel
      in the normal way. doing this should allow you to at least start and run
      the car if you need to get it out of the way, or someting.
      Good luck (& buy some really nice pliers),

      John Middleton

      zender kitted '83 520i

      Broadband from an unbeatable £15.99!

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