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2370RE: [bmw e28] Speedometer Problems

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  • ben tabor
    May 11, 2004
      I had a problem in this deptment but a little different.
      I fitted a new cd player and lost speedo,check lights,and the stereo.
      I i tried to trace the fault to its source but to no avail.
      So a little bit of playing with the wiring to the cd player i found that the
      supply to the stereo from a ignition switched source had failed and when i
      put a supply from the battery to this wire the check lights,speedo etc
      I found another ignition switched source the power(rear demister)and ran
      that to the stereo and the failed wire with a fuse and alls been well (so
      My check lights are very unreliable when it comes to brake light check but
      this i think is down to some light corosion on the contacts in the rear
      light clusters.

      Thats my problem,but i must say it might not suit your situation/problem.
      I would always ensure your car to a pro if your in doubt.

      Hope it helps a little bit,i look forward myself to further replys it may
      help me!

      Many regards,
      Ben,cambridge u.k.

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