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2392RE: Re: Metal Brake and Fuel line size(s)

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  • Doug Dykaar
    May 14, 2004

      Copper sounds a little soft to me, not to mention issues of differential
      metal corrosion. Must not rain where you live...

      I can get metal tubing at the auto local parts store, but I may have a line
      on stainless for cheap. The automec site didn't much, well any real





      A popular option is to replace your Brake lines with Copper, which can
      normally be bought off the shelf and is a standard size. I am not sure what
      the diameters are for the Fuel lines and I suspect that getting something
      suitable in stainless is going to be very expensive.

      There is a firm in the UK called automec (www.automec.co.uk) who sell brake
      line kits for most cars. A set suitable for a 535 would be around £50
      sterling so I guess around $90 - 95US.

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