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2404thought i';d share a product i found

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  • Dutch man
    May 18, 2004
      hey, my name is matt, i proudly own a 1983 528e (i love the boat)
      it;s an awesome car, it has a rebuilt engine with only about 95k on it, and small perf. upgrades (intake ect.)
      anyway, i found this stuff called friction free 3000. appearently its an oil additive that helps everything be Luvricated ALL THE TIME inside the engine.. pretty cool conspet i suppose..

      i put a bottle of it in last time i changed the oil, and at fist, i never saw a dif, but after about 300 miles, WOW, My engine got REAL peppy all of a sudden, and plus it helps my gas MIleage out ALOT.
      my car is running faster then it ever did, it;s awesome, i love taking it to autocross (yeh touring style babY! lol) it's a real fun car, anyway, i liked this product and just wanted to share with other.. if u wanted to take a look at it, the link where i ordered from is below.

      then to the left, at top, click automotive, then the big picture bottle of friction free 3000.

      a mechanic friend of mine told me about this product, said it really helps out the engine life, i don't, take a look for yourself, and tell me what u think -Matt

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