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2405RE: [bmw e28] E28 Acceleration Hesitation 1986 528e

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  • Doug Dykaar
    May 19, 2004

      I had a bad fuel pressure regulator, but I didn't diagnose it till I
      replaced the in-tank fuel pump. DOH. Car hesitated, then reached a point
      where it started to die. Fuel pressure was off scale when I had it measured.

      85 e28 535

      I could use some help understanding this:

      250k miles
      running great
      just did valve adjustment, rotor, d-cap,
      plugs and wires are six months old

      car runs better than it ever has in its past
      gentle idle.

      for the first time ever, it hesitates when it
      gets gas when the engine is a little cold. is
      this normal or the sign of things to come.

      Ron Kall

      1986 528e
      1985 535i
      1978 320i
      1998 528i
      1984 318i