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2406RE: [bmw e28] thought i';d share a product i found

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  • Doug Dykaar
    May 19, 2004

      Be afraid, be very afraid. If you're lucky, not much damage may have occured
      to date. Typically "friction reducers" contain sulphur which increases wear,
      or at best acts as oil thickening agent.

      If multi-national chemical companies with PhD research staffs don't put in,
      chances are it doesn't work in the long run. I seem to remember some
      webpages that debunk these sorts of products.



      hey, my name is matt, i proudly own a 1983 528e (i love the boat)
      it;s an awesome car, it has a rebuilt engine with only about 95k on it, and
      small perf. upgrades (intake ect.)
      anyway, i found this stuff called friction free 3000. appearently its an oil
      additive that helps everything be Luvricated ALL THE TIME inside the
      engine.. pretty cool conspet i suppose..

      i put a bottle of it in last time i changed the oil, and at fist, i never
      saw a dif, but after about 300 miles, WOW, My engine got REAL peppy all of a
      sudden, and plus it helps my gas MIleage out ALOT.
      my car is running faster then it ever did, it;s awesome, i love taking it
      to autocross (yeh touring style babY! lol) it's a real fun car, anyway, i
      liked this product and just wanted to share with other.. if u wanted to take
      a look at it, the link where i ordered from is below.

      then to the left, at top, click automotive, then the big picture bottle of
      friction free 3000.

      a mechanic friend of mine told me about this product, said it really helps
      out the engine life, i don't, take a look for yourself, and tell me what u
      think -Matt

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