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2416Various issues - any help appreciated!

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  • Iain Simpson
    May 23, 2004
      1987 UK Spec 518i with M10 Engine & Manual gearbox.

      1. I changed the coolant a few weeks ago and ever since have had
      problems with coolant being lost out of the overflow pipe. I have
      not topped the coolant up since it started coming out until now when
      I noticed that the level was way too low. Any ideas?

      2. I am getting uneaven wear on the front tyres. Both of them are
      wearing on the inside edge faster than the outside.

      3. I have noticed a loss of power lately & a feeling that the engine
      will cut out when you come to a stop, the HT leads & spark plugs have
      recently been changd but not the dizzy cap or rotor arm.

      If any one can help me with these issues I would be grateful.