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2429Re: Replacing my water pump - 1984 528e - Elle

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  • coolman41
    May 30, 2004

      First thing you need is to go buy the Hynes Manual from the
      local parts store, not this best but ok it does show the steps good
      to change the water pump. If you read the manual you notice that the
      fan clutch is left hand threads so beating on it assuming it is right
      hand threads is only going to cause anger, and bruised knuckles.
      While you have everything apart , replace the timing belt, and the
      belt idler, $100.00 is better than $1800, which is what you would
      have to spend if your timing belt broke. I can not over tell this
      about the timing belt. I would replace the fan clutch too, but that
      can be easy to replace later if it is still good seeing as you don't
      have to tear into the front of the engine to remove it. Also when you
      put the pully back on the crankshaft do not over tighten ! I made
      that mistake and then had to drill and use a easy out to remove
      twisted off bolt. Use a torque wrench ! Although it sounds like a lot
      of work it is really not that bad, I done my first one in a couple
      hours, and have done another once since, Read the repair manual and
      take your time. I grew up in Tampa. still have sisters in orlando, if
      I am ever in orlando will take you on on that beer! Happy Motoring.

      Wesley Clark

      1982 528e
      1983 528e
      1984 318i

      In bmwe28@..., "hpndrm" <hpndrm@y...> wrote:
      > Hey,
      > I just posted a note regarding replacing my water pump. I forgot to
      > mention my car is a 1984 528e and I just wanted some simple
      > instructions on replacing the water pump. I like to work on my own
      > car and I take pride in my German car.
      > If there is any good advise out there I would appreciate it, as I
      > currently stranded with out my car.
      > If you are every in Orlando, FL send me a note and we can have a
      > beer. Have a great holiday!
      > Thanks,
      > Elle
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