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2435Also new to list: non metric tyres for 535i???

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  • Simon Pulman-Jones
    May 31, 2004
      Hello all.

      I have recently acquired a 1986 535i, which is currently wearing its
      original wheels with some rather old Avon metric tyres. The tyres still have
      some tread left, but I am pretty sure that their age means that they are
      well past their best. There is some tramlining and squirming under heavy
      braking (subtle rather than severe) which I suspect may be down to the

      So I need to decide whether to find a set of the original metric TRX tyres
      or to change the wheels and leave the metric tyre problem behind.

      Does anybody have recent experience of finding TRX tyres? Are they available
      anywhere (in the UK) at a reasonable price? Any views about how the Avons
      compare with the Michelins?

      Of the non-metric options, which wheel size and tyre combination is best for
      535i handling. I would only want to use wheels that look right for the
      period of the car ­ presumably some version of BMW cross-spoke.

      Thanks for any ideas.


      Cambridge, UK.
      (1986 535i auto)

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