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2459obc/speedo don't work

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  • sheetfar
    Jun 14, 2004
      I have a 1986 528e with a manual transmission.

      Recently, the following things have started to malfunction:

      * Speedometer doesn't work.

      * White-needle vacuum gage (located just below tach) doesn't work.

      * On Board Computer OBC works except for the fuel consumption &
      driving speed (MPG & MPH buttons).

      After driving the car for 20 minutes or so, the vacuum gage starts
      cycling on/off every 2 seconds. Eventually, the speedometer might
      work after the vac gage starts working properly.

      I replaced the expansion valve on the A/C evaporator last month.
      However, everything (all instruments were checked) worked fine after

      The most recent work was done several days ago on the rear axle
      portion of the car. If the differential transducer has a bad
      connection or has malfunctioned, could it cause any of the
      speedo/vac gage/OBC problems?
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