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2461Re: [bmw e28] a/c starts out cold, then heats up

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  • Ron Kall
    Jun 14, 2004
      A/C problem - you did not mention how old the freon
      was? this car is R12. some not so good shops have been
      know to put R134a into these R12 systems instead. i
      watched my guy dump 3 lbs. into mine in a shop in LA
      and I made sure it was R12. Good work and cold as ice.
      older systems get looser and leak. belt slippage on
      the compressor pump as the engine heats up? a/c can
      cease to be cool if airflow goes down - stuck in
      traffic or stopped, but mine would always get colder
      as i went longer and faster. good luck.

      Ron Kall

      1986 528e
      1985 535i

      --- sheetfar <sheetfar@...> wrote:
      > I have a 1986 528e.
      > What would cause the air conditioning to work fine
      > for about 15
      > minutes or so, then start heating up slowly?
      > This occurs under the following conditions:
      > * Air vents closed (no outside air leaking in).
      > * Temp switch set to coldest (rotated CCW).
      > * A/C fan speed set to medium or high (2 or 3).
      > * Outside temp above 90 deg F. (It doesn't seem to
      > act up until the
      > outside temp is hot).
      > * Inside air vent (vent above radio) temp starts out
      > at 42 deg F,
      > then slowly works its way up to maybe 55 deg F.
      > What I did so far:
      > * Replaced the expansion valve on the evaporator.
      > The low & high side pressure readings seem ok (20 or
      > so psi low
      > side, and 225 high side. The compressor seems ok,
      > since it cycles
      > off at around 335 psi when the engine revs up. All
      > the gage readings
      > appear to be normal.
      > The heater control valve is working fine.
      > I heard that the evaporator temp sensor on the
      > earlier models could
      > cause icing under certain conditions (Bentley). One
      > parts supplier
      > mentioned the possibility of a bad temp regulator.
      > Any thoughts?

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