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2573Front end shimmy

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  • Tara
    Jul 21, 2004
      Hello, now @ 48 to 52 mph intermitantly I have a bad shimy, what
      I've replaced- outer tie rod ends, lower controll arms (with ball
      joint) upper (heavy duty) thrust rod bushings, center link, idler arm,
      sway bar links, crazy amount of wheel balance configurations,
      rotates, no my tires are fine, also had road force balance, adjusted
      steering box, etc etc etc ,

      Here is the real info 84 533i standard height, 225/40/18 alpine oe
      wheels, yes its been aligned with and with out weight in car with full
      tank of gas and yes I have the proper wheel hub

      I am the service manager for a national repair chain, I know the work
      was done correctly. What in the Hell am I missing???? please help!

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