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2574Selling 528e 86

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  • xxpapayexx
    Jul 22, 2004
      Well, first of all, i live in Miami. My e-mail xxpapayexx@...

      The car is in very, very good condition...The spedometer stop in
      187,000, i have never put in the vin number of the car so i do not
      have any idea of how many miles the car would has right now, but i
      tell you what,...that car has taken me to Orlando,Tampa... It runs
      perfect. The car has a stuped, really stuped crash on the front
      driver's side. The car has A/C, it's automatic...Black esterior,
      Black interior. Seat, very good condition, everything else...WORKS.
      It has iriginal paint, and it's good.
      There is a problem with the alarm and the system that thje car has.
      When i bought the car, it did had the alarm system disconnected so...
      The car need a little bit of work, but who ever likes these cars,
      knows what kind of car is this. I am not a big fan of BMW, but i'm
      sure that i love classic cars, but i do not have time to fix that
      car. Also, the moonroof doesn't open. When you hit the switch, the
      motor sounds and everything but it does not open. Everything else,
      it's pretty good...Want pictures of the car, let mw know. You watch
      the car, and make an offer, and also...I DO NOT SHIP... Want the
      car?...gotta come and get it,...sorry!