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2621Re: [bmw e28] A few questions from a Proud New BMW oner

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  • Ron Kall
    Aug 3, 2004
      to newbie,

      gas smell - get used to it.

      get a dash cover - 30 usd and looks nice to cover the

      owners manual - buy the bentley and forget the owners

      front struts - i did my front struts / springs / and
      mounts. i bought them online - boge struts / bmw
      springs / oem mounts - world of difference. you will
      need a spring compressor to get the struts off the
      springs. no big deal, just be careful and use two or
      three compressors, or stop by the dealer. bmw of
      beverly hills offered to squeeze my springs for me at
      no charge.

      instrument panel - don't sweat the little stuff. your
      car should run cool if all is well. check the fan
      coupling thing and change the fluid with bmw blue
      coolant. should run cool and not to worry. you'll know
      if it's hot.

      Ron Kall

      1986 528e
      1985 535i

      --- whtknight32000 <whiteknight@...> wrote:

      > Dear BMW owners,
      > I have a few questions about my '83 E28. I
      > bought it for
      > $850 with 222,000 miles on it and it has a brand new
      > transmission
      > that has/had less than 1K miles on it and the engine
      > was rebuilt
      > about 50K ago along with the timing belt changed 18K
      > ago. Do know
      > that I am much more a computer hardware tech than an
      > auto mechaninc,
      > please.
      > Questions:
      > 1) Does anyone believe that I got a good
      > deal on it. The
      > interior ONLY has 5 cracks in the dash... otherwise
      > the seats are
      > perfect now that they are cleaned. They could use
      > to be recushioned.
      > 2) I've read many posts on gas smell in the
      > cabin. I've
      > checked all lines and found a couple of nasty cracks
      > what I think to
      > be on my intake, as there was some gas over the
      > sensor areas.
      > Otherwise, from fuel cap on...the lines showed no
      > sign of leakage,
      > even
      > microscopic, as far as I could tell. It might be
      > positive to
      > asphixiate the next woman that enters my car,
      > though. ;-)
      > 3) I need to replace my right front
      > strut... Any advice on
      > replacement struts for purchase and of course
      > putting in. I hear
      > that they are a real pain to replace. I found some
      > OEM ones for
      > about $98.00.
      > 4) Instrument panel. I have read tons on
      > this one and I am
      > totally lost. My temp guage does move from when
      > it's off to when I
      > do the Accessory on position of the key. It moves
      > just a tad. But
      > not enough to give to me a real reading. I have
      > replaced the sensor
      > and still the same thing. The mpg indicator works
      > when I go over a
      > bump and then off. What can I do to fix these two
      > things?
      > 5) Does anyone have a PDF for an '83 E28
      > Owner's Manual?
      > As for now... this is all that I can think of. I do
      > wish that my
      > Cruise Control was working and A/C but I think that
      > I've a solution
      > for the A/C. Anyone use FR-12 as an A/C
      > refrigerant, yet? Any help
      > would be great. Thank you.
      > Sincerely,
      > Newbie Owner
      > (Knight_Castle)

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