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2651Re: [bmw e28] towing

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  • Wesley Clark
    Aug 7, 2004
      does your car have a automatic transmission? If so if it has not got a trans fluid cooler you might add one other wise that small a trailer should be no problem , just don't do any jack rabbit starts, for example don't race with your buddys honda, he will win and you will put more of a already strain on your drive train ie the transmission. keep motoring

      --- "Serg" <kserg@...> wrote:
      Hey guys, I was wondering, if I was to put towing package on 87 535i
      (later probably def. will be upgraded to 88) what's the most I can
      tow? I was think just small wagon for band gear,
      drums/cabs/amps/groupies... its nothing heavy...

      Has anyone done this... how bad is it for the car... can the car
      handle small towing doses... you know those smallest moving
      trailers... so drums/cabs/etc could fit...

      Thank you


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