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265285' e28 'my baby'

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  • rpipoet84
    Aug 7, 2004
      i own a 1985 528e that i addore. it's my pride and joy. i have lots
      of plans for it. i'm getting ready to put an 87 M5 engine and
      transmision on it. the bmw specialist shop that's doing the work for
      me has done some work to it in the past and i was very satified. the
      whole conversion is going to run me $4000 US dolloars. my question
      to you guys out there is..... is that a reasonable price? the
      mechanic i spoke to said that they would take care of the in dash
      computer hook ups. my car is an automatic and it's a fast car
      concidering it's age. it has a top sped of 125MPH. (i tested it out
      myself) for an almost 20 year old car, i think that preatty good.
      when i get all done with engine and trany work, do i have to put in a
      new suspencion too? front and back ends? also, my interior is getting
      a little deterioraded. it's had it's share of use. any ideas of where
      i can turn to on the net to get new front seats? possibly sport M5's?
      thanks for your time. any help at all will be greatly apreciated.

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