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2707Strange Bimmer

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  • jroalf18
    Aug 16, 2004
      This was the worst place to see this car, even if I don't know what
      it is, I know it's rare at least. It was in a wrecking yard
      (recycling yard, whatever), and a damn expensive one at that. I was
      in looking for the odd parts when the grill and head lights of an e28
      caught my eye, it couldn't be a bimmer though because the hood opened
      forward like a Saab or something. When I got to it I almost lost my
      mind because there was what looks to me just like the intake from an
      S38 M motor. I've been looking for one of those, although for the
      motor, wiring harness and ecu would cost more to purchase from these
      guys as my e28 cost I have to know what the story with this model is.

      The badging was 530i, 4 door, the serial numbers were all kinds of
      crazy, and not really serial numbers. I wrote down what I could find
      on the car and put it into the BMW TIS/ETK software and there was no
      e28 530i, e34 yes, M530i30 or something like that, had an I 6.

      Anyway if you know anything about these cars I would love to learn
      more. Now if you've made it this far here is a technical question: If
      I take the intake manifold, throttle body, head, wiring harness and
      ecu from an S38 M motor can I "bolt that on" to a standard 3.5 big 6
      block and accessories?

      Thanks all, sorry so damn long!