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2710Gas smell

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  • whtknight32000
    Aug 16, 2004
      I don't care who says what. Any car that has an odor of gas in or
      around the car... NOT a good thing. I drove to my grandfather's
      memorial service Friday and the car was a champ, of course. On our
      way from Medford, OR to Vancouver, WA we stopped off to bury my
      grandfather's remains. After which, the car caught on fire after a
      loud poof sound from the engine compartment and a 4" flame from the
      center dashboard console. I couldn't do anything but pull over and
      watch my engine and car become smothered in flames. I am looking for
      another '83 528e, though and still. I loved that vehicle. Anyone
      got one for around $1,000.00 American to sell that DOESN'T have a gas


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