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2711Re: Water pump - 520i

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  • sheetfar
    Jul 16, 1944
      On the e28 6 cylinder 2.7L BMW's...

      The crank bolt is not a standard item. It is BMW-designed and
      employs the bolt and washer as a complete unit. In other words, you
      can't buy one at any Nut-&-Bolt supplier.

      The hex on the bolt is 22mm. You have two "reasonable" options for
      removing it (the 3rd option is plastic explosives or HCl acid, I

      Option 1. Use/make a tool that holds the crank while allowing you to
      get the bolt out. BMW makes one of these, I suspect. (I also suspect
      it requires a substantial investment of cash to acquire.)

      Option 2. Use the engine/drivetrain to hold the crank while you
      remove the bolt. ASSUMING you have a manual transmission, put the
      car in 5th gear (not 1st) and pull up the emergency brakes. It is
      possible to break the bolt loose using a cheater bar on the ratchet
      handle IF the clutch doesn't slip.

      Your other question is the direction of the threads on the bolt. As
      I recall, the 22mm bolt on the end of the crank is a right-hand
      thread. (It's the large nut holding the radiator fan on that is left
      hand. I sometimes get the two mixed up.)


      --- In bmwe28@..., Alan Myler - at home <amyler@e...>
      > Help please.
      > While changing the water pump on my 520i this evening (M20 engine)
      > I managed to drop one of its bolts down past the timing belt and
      > into the casing surrounding the belt's lower cogs.
      > This casing is behind what I guess is the crankshaft pulley.
      > To get that bolt out I need to remove that pulley and take off the
      > plate that closes off the lower portion of the timing belt housing.
      > Apart from considerations such as replacing the pulley in the same
      > position afterwards, is this a tough job?
      > There appear to be 6 or so 13mm bolts holding the pulley to what I
      > premuse is the flywheel. No doubt they'll come off easily enough.
      > But here's also the big nut/bolt/whatever that looks like it's
      > attached to the end of the crankshaft. Is this torqued to a
      > million lb-ft or does it come off easily? Is it a left or right
      > hand thread?
      > Advice gratefully accepted.
      > Alan
      > '87 520i
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