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2780Re: E28 Front Brake Uneven Pad Wear

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  • Ron Kall
    Aug 30, 2004

      I had my brake sensor light come on after 70k miles or
      so, BMW pads and rotors. This was unexpected since 90%
      of my miles are 400 miles a pop between LA and SFO. I
      pulled the pads off Saturday and replaced pad, rotors,
      and sensor. My driver side, where the sensor sits, was
      worn almost to the metal pad backing, but the
      passenger side was maybe 50%. What causes this? I
      could not see spending major coin on this, but what
      does this mean?

      p.s. CRC anti-squeal for $3.99 for 4 o.z. Kragen
      online is awesome. No brake noise whatsoever when I
      apply the brakes. Before this brake job, I always had
      some squeal.

      --- Blake Nancarrow <blaken@...> wrote:

      > On August 30, 2004 5:28 AM, Chris Trevelyan wrote:
      > > A quick question though - I've noticed an
      > occasional
      > power lag for a
      > > half second or so, especially but not always
      > after I
      > pop into 2nd gear. Is
      > > this some sort of vacuum leak, or something
      > else?
      > Check the fuel relay and its contacts, one of the
      > "outboard" relays on the fuse box.
      > Blake

      Ron Kall
      Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

      1986 528e
      1985 535i

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