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2781"Stutter" 528i, Manual, 1985, £126k

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  • bty821185
    Aug 30, 2004
      For the last two years I've had a problem that doesn't cause me too
      many headaches, because of the way I drive and the relatively few
      miles per year I do, but I'd sure like to cure it. When travelling
      at a CONSTANT speed (eg 35mph in 4th, 20mph in 3rd, etc... but does
      not seem to happen after, say, 55/60mph in 5th)I get what can only be
      described as a "stutter" or part surge. The RPM gauge doesn't move
      and I have no hesitation when accelerating or decelerating. But I get
      the feeling that fuel is not getting through properly. Last week
      changed fuel filter again. 6k miles ago: New fuses, cleaned main
      grounds with Detoxit contact cleaner, New Main Fuel Pump, Fuel Pump
      relay, Fuel Filter, Fuel Pressure Regulator, and ran a bottle of
      redlne SI 1 injector and valve cleaner through fuel. Also, at same
      time: new Cap, rotor, leads, plugs, air filter, oil filter and oil
      change. Recently run another bottle of SI-1 injector cleaner
      through, and New Oil/filter change, Valve Adjustment, Air filter,
      plugs checked (perfect), Air flow sensor flap checked for binding
      (OK), Wynn's Injector/Carburettor Cleaner sprayed into
      intake/throttle body as per instructions on can. Can anyone suggest
      solution or a list, in priority order, of things to check. Could
      it be Transfer Pump? Partially restricted fuel lines? Throttle
      position switch? ECU? FIO> This car uses the L Jetronic system, there
      is no Oxygen Sensor and no EVAP (charcoal cannister) control. --
      cheers. Paul
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