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2782Re: [bmw e28] "Stutter"___528i,_Manual,__1985,__£126k_

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  • Ron Kall
    Aug 30, 2004

      It's the transfer pump. Try running up a 4,000 foot
      mountain at 6% grade and outside temperature at 120F.
      If it vapor locks before you get all the way to the
      top, then it's the transfer pump. Do the vega pump
      trick. It's only $30.00, USD of course. There are
      instructions online to see the fix. Search yahoo for
      the pix and detailed instructions.

      --- bty821185 <steveaustin1@...> wrote:

      > For the last two years I've had a problem that
      > doesn't cause me too
      > many headaches, because of the way I drive and the
      > relatively few
      > miles per year I do, but I'd sure like to cure it.
      > When travelling
      > at a CONSTANT speed (eg 35mph in 4th, 20mph in 3rd,
      > etc... but does
      > not seem to happen after, say, 55/60mph in 5th)I get
      > what can only be
      > described as a "stutter" or part surge. The RPM
      > gauge doesn't move
      > and I have no hesitation when accelerating or
      > decelerating. But I get
      > the feeling that fuel is not getting through
      > properly. Last week
      > changed fuel filter again. 6k miles ago: New
      > fuses, cleaned main
      > grounds with Detoxit contact cleaner, New Main Fuel
      > Pump, Fuel Pump
      > relay, Fuel Filter, Fuel Pressure Regulator, and ran
      > a bottle of
      > redlne SI 1 injector and valve cleaner through fuel.
      > Also, at same
      > time: new Cap, rotor, leads, plugs, air filter, oil
      > filter and oil
      > change. Recently run another bottle of SI-1
      > injector cleaner
      > through, and New Oil/filter change, Valve
      > Adjustment, Air filter,
      > plugs checked (perfect), Air flow sensor flap
      > checked for binding
      > (OK), Wynn's Injector/Carburettor Cleaner sprayed
      > into
      > intake/throttle body as per instructions on can.
      > Can anyone suggest
      > solution or a list, in priority order, of things
      > to check. Could
      > it be Transfer Pump? Partially restricted fuel
      > lines? Throttle
      > position switch? ECU? FIO> This car uses the L
      > Jetronic system, there
      > is no Oxygen Sensor and no EVAP (charcoal cannister)
      > control. --
      > cheers. Paul

      Ron Kall
      Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

      1986 528e
      1985 535i

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