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2863'85 520i for sale, Norfolk/Suffolk border (UK)

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    Sep 21, 2004
      Unfortunately the time has come to sell my luxury
      motor. I've been seduced by a E30 320i Touring(I've
      wanted one for about 10 years). Anyway, mine has tax
      'til end of Oct, MOT 'til mid Dec. It is generally in
      very good condition except for a couple of small rust
      patches and the drivers seat is knackered. It's done
      about 185,000 miles(speedo's broken). It also hunts
      for ages on start up and whistles, vacuum hose leak or
      brake servo but runs and drives fine after that? I'll
      take £200 for her as I can get nearly that for scrap
      but would rather she went to a good home. Cheers, Joexxx

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