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2883US E28 535i Leaking hydraulic brake booster ! $$$

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  • michaelychoi
    Oct 4, 2004
      Hello everyone -

      I have a 1985 535i in the US that has a leaking hydraulic brake
      booster. The leak is at the bottom of the booster where there's some
      kind of threaded nut. The major problem is that the threads have been
      stripped. A new booster is in the range of $400.00 US. That's a lot
      of money to me right now for a part that is holding my car hostage!

      Is there any way to re-tap the threads on my existing brake booster
      and use a different kind of bolt or something to be able to reuse my
      old booster? Or, if anyone has any good ideas to get me back up and
      running , I'd very much appreciate it.

      Thanks for your time in reading this

      michael choi
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