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  • ken@kenholyoak.com
    Oct 14, 2004
      At the auction today I found a 93 735i the I bid on and won for $1500 - Only
      thing it needs is a water pump.

      That price was 1/3 of what I paid for my 528e so I figured I could not go
      wrong even if I sold it for parts. Looks good inside clearly a one owner.

      Anyone know what it is worth? Is there a 7 Forum like this? Where can I get
      a water pump?


      Kenneth H. Holyoak
      HIG, LLC

      POB 68633

      Indianapolis IN 46268-0633


      1508 E 86th Street Suite 177
      Indianapolis IN 46240


      317-253-7000 FAX 317-255-3708

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