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2929RE: [bmw e28] '86 528e auto/surging

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  • Steve Austin
    Oct 15, 2004
      I would look at the following: Run a dose of fuel injector cleaner through
      fuel tank (Redline SI 1 is good). Change out fuel filter, check for vacuum
      leaks, check O-rings on fuel injectors, check fuel pipes, check fuel fuse
      and relay are OK and correctly seated (I had a poor contact on fuse which
      had similar effect for me), clean all electrical grounds with "detoxit"
      (particularly engine ground, ground under rear seat, and ground under
      steering wheel. Check fuel pressure regulator valve. Check main and in
      tank transfer fuel pumps. Check fuel injectors for clogging. Check Airflow
      meter for metal vein binding. Check position of TPS on throttle body.

      Thats about it. If you still have problem - get another car!


      >From: "Barry Mercer" <vmebarry@...>
      >Reply-To: bmwe28@...
      >To: bmwe28@...
      >Subject: [bmw e28] '86 528e auto/surging
      >Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 15:14:04 -0000
      >I aquired an 528e with fuil injection recently and it seems to have a
      >lack of good exceleration, and tends to climb and stall, and climb
      >and stall, as you try to gass it up to get on the freeway ramps.
      >Fuel pump? Return valve? Injecters? ???
      >The car seems to be in good overall shape, and the trans works well.
      >150K miles. Just did the belt and ajusted valves. Has good plugs, and
      >ect. It surges about every 3 to 4 RPM rise in excelleration, but runs
      >smooth at all other times, except on start up when it runs quite
      >rough untill warm, is that normal?
      >Got any good ideas? Should I replace the fuel pump and return valve,
      >or start with injectors? Could it be something electrical I am
      >VME Barry
      >VP of the Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts Seattle Washington

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