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2930Ok so I'm puzzled...

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  • Craig Newman
    Oct 15, 2004
      Hi All,
      Can anyone point me in the right direction?
      Last night I was off to a restaurant to celebrate my wifes
      birthday, anyway the car, 528, started first time (as always), I
      realised when I switched on the lights that I must have left the
      front fogs on after driving last time I used the car, I shifted
      too far went passed drive into 3 realised then back into drive.
      As I went back into drive the instrument lights flickered, and
      as I pulled away I saw that the speedo wasn't working, neither
      was the economy guage, everything else on the panel is fine.

      Today I checked all the fuses, most of the holders and all of
      the fuses are dirty/have some corrosion but there is nothing
      blown, I moved them all slightly replaced the cover and took it
      for a test drive, the speedo worked but after 1/4 of a mile it
      flickered and ceased to work again. Looking in the Haynes manual
      and the owners manual it doesn't list the speedo as being
      connected to any of the fuses!

      So... is it an instrument display problem and the fuse movement
      just coincidence? (I don't like coincidences). Should I dump all
      the fuses, clean all the contacts and fit all new fuses? Learn
      enough German to worry it into working again? Pray to the gods
      of old BMWs and hope they fix the problem?

      Puzzled in Newcastle - and it's raining again!

      Newsletter Editor - Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists

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