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29321983 E28 528i (M30 B28) ECU serial number

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  • Alex
    Oct 15, 2004
      Hello there,

      I need to check if the ECU in my car is in fact the correct one. The
      car is 1983 E28 UK 528i. It is running awfully rich and my mech is
      having difficulty trying to lean out the mixture. Getting terrible
      mileage (12 mpg).

      It would be a GREAT help if any 528i drivers could take a peak at
      the serial number of the ECU in your cars. It is located in the
      upper part of the glove compartment, in a metallic silver casing.

      IIRC the ECU # in my car at present is 0280 001 300.

      Thank you in advance for any help provided!