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2943Re: no start (grrr then humming)

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  • maca600ss
    Oct 16, 2004
      Sounds like it could be the starter motor to me, I will quote from the Haynes
      The starter motor assembly is of the pre engaged type. A solenoid is mounted
      o n the starter end plate, and operates a lever which slides the starter pinion
      into engagement with the flywheel ring endgear
      What you are hearing is the starter turning without engaging the gear (grrrz
      sound) the humming is the starter winding down after you let go of the key
      sometimes you will hear a gnashing of the gears because the starter does not
      engage properly, it can be the solenoid getting old or the little ring gear
      getting worn, any BMW mechanic or most owners will recognise the sound
      straight away I had a 79 320i fifteen years ago (maybe longer) and repalced
      the starter 3 times and in the last year have just started to hear this sound on
      my 325000klms 528i all I can say the starter is a bugger to replace
      regards Maca
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      griffinaffelsauce@h...> wrote:
      > when i came out of work this after and attempted to start the car it
      > did not start, instead it made a "grrrz" sound followed by of a
      > whirring sound, similiar to a pump. i tried again and the sounds
      > were made and not start after a minute i tried again and it started
      > it up fine. i was very close to empty and parked on a slight incline
      > but i am worried this may be a warning of things to come.
      > so what do you think? low gas or symptom of larger problem?
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