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2944RE: [bmw e28] 1987 BMW 535 IS Steering

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  • Ron Adams
    Oct 17, 2004
      Hi I had a loud noise when steering on my 524td. The mechanic I took the car to told me that it was the power steering pump. I tried fixing the filter at the bottom of the reservoir as the boards here said too. The pump was replaced(cost me $250 in pump and labor) and the noise was still there. The mechanic told me to "give it time" and the noise will go away. Well I took it somewhere else for a different problem, and the guy told me that the noise was from a loose pulley that the power steering belt went around. He fixed it for $50 including parts. Basically, I replace the power steering pump for nothing.

      Anyway, good luck.

      Ron Adams

      Doug Dykaar <ddykaar@...> wrote:


      Bolts attaching the steering box to the cross member.
      Check the rest of the steering linkage: tie rod ends, center link and the
      idler (pittman) arm.
      Clamp inside the car at the end of the adjustible sliding steering shaft
      Adjustment screw on top of the steering box. This needs to be adjusted at
      the extreme of the turning range as the most wear occurs in the middle, so
      adjusting for the middle results in binding at the extrema.



      Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 02:41:29 -0000
      From: "morris0072000" <morris0072000@...>
      Subject: 1987 BMW 535 IS Steering


      I just purchased a 1987 535 IS. I noticed that the steering is a
      little loose when starting to turn, and there seems to be some play
      when the wheel is moved from side to side. Once I am in the turn the
      steering feels solid as it should me. The car does not pull to
      either side and it stops straight with no shimmies. I am wondering
      if this could be a bushing problem in the front end that is causing
      this to happen. I also notice a little knock noise when I move the
      wheel from side to side. (This may be normal) Please let me know if
      you have experienced this problem with your BMW's.

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