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2972Re: Convert 528e to 535i?

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  • herrsinalco
    Oct 21, 2004
      --- In bmwe28@..., "budr" <budr@s...> wrote:
      > I own an 86 535i that is kinda rusty but mechanically good. I
      found an
      > 86 528e with a perfect body, but the engine needs help. Without
      the work of
      > a full engine swap( meaning making brackets, etc) can I install the
      > engine where the 528 engine is now? Are the motor mounts the same
      > What other differences are there in these cars? Brakes? Is there
      a site or
      > link you could provide to help?
      > Thanks!
      > Bud
      > Morganton, NC USA

      I've looked into this conversion but not actually performed it.
      As I recall (disclaimer) the front sub frame and the pedal bracket
      are the same. You could check by writing down the vin on each car and
      ask the dealer for part numbers for the same part for both cars. If
      the partsperson is nice and bored you'll be able to check more and
      more minor parts. Better, get the parts cd rom but mine does not show
      all the part numbers. So asking for a PRICE and part number will be
      last resort to wake even the sleepiest no commission sales dude.
      so biggest pieces are:
      ~engine and trans from 535 with mounts
      ~driveshaft and final drive, eta is 2.93 or 3.07, 3.5 3.45?
      ~gauge cluster
      ~front brakes 535 might be larger
      ~brake booster vacuum on eta hydralic on 535 (abs too?)

      I base this on my 1983 528e with 248K miles. I think the bolt
      holes for the vacuum servo and hydralic servo are the same but the
      push rod is probably different and the pedal might not be. Ilove this
      eta but if I had a complete 535i with good engine... well you know
      what to do.
      let me know what you find out when you do it and ALWAYS fix your
      bicycle first!
      chris 1983 528e
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