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2984528i valve timing

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  • a88aza88a
    Oct 24, 2004
      Hi all, i've got an 85 528i imported from Germany, and I can't find
      any info specific to my motor here, as they were never released in
      North America. I've just finished replacing the rear tranny seal and
      shifter seal, and while it's in the garage I figured i'd address the
      motor a little. Lately it's sounding more like a diesel than that
      sewing machine thing BMWs do.. I'm not %100 whether it's the head or
      the fuel injectors, but it sounds more like the valves to me. I was
      also concerned about the oil delivery tube for the cam, as those
      bolts are known for coming loose. So I took off the valve cover, and
      sure enough one of them was loose enough to remove with my fingers..
      so that's tightened up now, but i'd like to do the valves while it's
      opened up just for good measure.. I prattle on like this just in case
      someone else has had similar experience.. 528i's could just be noisy
      for all I know.. or maybe that bolt being loose was enough to cause
      problems.. Anyhow, if anyone can help me out with the clearances on
      the valves, it would be much appreciated. Or any other interesting
      trivia on this motor for that matter.. thanks a ton, happy trails