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3016Re: [bmw e28] Re: Manual transmission and Final Drive Stuff

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  • Steve Haygood
    2 Nov 08:06
      diffs do not slip as such( at speed going down the highway). You may have a
      clutch problem. Loosening it hot may help, but that runs the risk of burns.
      Buy a good quality tool, Snap On or such and soak the area with PB blaster
      or maybe Kroil. Make sure the 17mm is firmly seated

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      BMW CCA 6 Series Director

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      From: bmwe28@...
      Date: Monday, November 01, 2004 02:21:55 PM
      To: bmwe28@...
      Subject: [bmw e28] Re: Manual transmission and Final Drive Stuff

      Some input will help much:

      1. Final drive - I was not sure if my E28 was limited
      slip diff or not? I used Redline 75W90NS. I think my
      diff was slipping last night at freeway speeds - 75-80
      miles per hour. It was clunking and maybe slipping. Do
      I put in some slip stuff or just drain it and use the
      Redline 75W90 like I should have to start with?

      2. Manaul Transmission drain plug - I tried to drain
      the transmission. My cheap 17 mm hex acted like it
      wanted to strip the plug? I backed off and ordered a
      good stubby now. Is it easier to loosen the plug with
      the tranny hot or cold? What the take on this? If it
      does strip, I guess I can siphon via the filler plug?


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