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3021RE: subframe bushing

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  • Doug Dykaar
    3 Nov 18:18

      The H&Rs have a weird design. The rear spring is progressive and to get the
      car to sit at the right height, you have to pretension the spring a lot.
      With the Bilstein sports there are 5 (or 6) grooves on the shock body to
      position the bottom spring perch. I have it at the topmost perch, #5. If
      there's a sixth groove, I can't see it now. I bought the springs from Korman
      too and they claim they need to be set up that way. They want the rear end
      of the car slightly higher than the front. I think the design was aimed at
      keeping the rear end soft so the car would understeer at the limit. Safe but
      not the quick way around a corner.

      I just recently discovered all the plastic door latch covers had fallen off
      and disappeared, requiring the door to be closed harder to latch. The
      banging over bumps appears to be independent of the door, and more dependent
      on the load, hence I'm focusing on rear suspension. I too haven't seen
      evidence of metal to metal scraping, although with the car on the ground,
      the bottom 4 coil;s of the spring touch. The Korman guy says that the
      tension is needed so the spring stays in place when the car is jacked up.

      Which bushings did you change? There are some mighty big bushings at the
      ouboard ends of the subframe...


      Doug Dykaar

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      From: Kevin Miller [mailto:kmiller535@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2004 8:47 PM
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      Subject: subframe bushing

      Same problem, same knock on my E-28, with
      almost the same setup, except I used HD's and H&R's from
      Korman and a milder antiswaybar setup by
      Suspension Techniques.

      I replaced the bushings, and still the noise persisted.
      What the hell?! I even went so far to suspect the springs,
      maybe the coils were slapping when quickly compressed.

      When I replaced the springs and shocks with Dinan and Koni, and
      still had the knock, I was really pissed. Now I'll tell you this,
      I always felt the H&R's made the car sit too low.
      I had had Dinan's on my previous 535, and felt the height was more
      appropriate in the real world. This and that fact that there no way they
      would slap, was why I went back to them.
      By the way, when I replaced the bushings, I also replaced the rear end
      so I thought I'd covered all the bases. But NO!!!

      I found, for me, that greasing the striker plastic on the doors eliminated
      on noise!

      Hope this helps,
      Kevin 88' 535i

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