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3023I think i killed my motor

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  • icebreaker991966
    4 Nov 09:46
      Hi all, i would like some feedback regarding my 1985 528e. I was
      driving my car heading into Boston, I was in the tunnel, and all
      sudden my car got loud, and started bucking. i was nervous, because
      I knew that this was serious. It stopped and wouldn't start. it was
      smoking, i opened the hood and found that the smoke was coming from
      the oil resivoir, i pulled my dipstick and it was bone dry. someone
      please tell me that it isn't toast. I put 3qts of oil in it hoping
      that it would start. my friend came and tried to start the car, but
      no luck, he sounded like it wanted to start, but didn't. he said
      that i might need a new starter. give it to me straight i think i
      can handle it thanks.
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