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3026RE: [bmw e28] I think i killed my motor

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  • Blake Nancarrow
    4 Nov 11:17
      On Thursday 4 November 2004 12:46 PM, icebreaker991966
      > i pulled my dipstick and it was bone dry.

      Oh oh.

      Motors like oil...

      The good news is that you can likely buy the very same
      car for a few hundred dollars. If the chassis on the
      "new" car is no good, then you've got a motor swap to

      I bought an extra 528e parts car for CDN$400 this
      summer to keep the blue one running. The body on the
      new car sucks but I've got a good motor, trany, diff,
      great interior, spare brake, and misc. small parts!

      Good luck!

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