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3028Re: subframe bushings

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  • a88aza88a
    4 Nov 11:54
      > So is there a way to check the rear subframe bushings? If I've been
      > the subframe into something, where would I look to see evidence of
      > impact (e.g. paint chipped away)?

      It's easy to check the bushings.. lift the body of the car, have a
      look at them with a flashlight. if they're cracked inside, they're
      done. don't worry about the subframe banging.. it's just hitting the
      bottom of your trunk, i've never seen any real damage from it. new
      bushings are a good idea. they make better ones now, and they'll make
      a big difference, especially on a lowered car, where I can only
      assume your putting more stress on them. A good mechanic can do them
      quite a bit faster than the 3.5 hours the book gives you with a
      little heat.. but I wouldn't recommend doing this at home. best of
      luck to ya.
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