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3030Re: [bmw e28] Muffler

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  • a88aza88a
    Nov 4, 2004
      i've heard of bosals rusting in less than a year. like, 6 months. and
      they were falling apart. that's why they're cheap.
      I don't really recommend this anywhere the police regulate vehicles
      at all.. noise, smog, etc.. but I used to run a flowmaster muffler
      off a 2.5 inch pipe that was joined with the 2 downpipes off the
      motor.. this was on the 3.2 litre, which is quite a bit bigger, but
      that thing roared like a muscle car.. it ended all conversation in
      the vehicle, set off car alarms, and put me in bad terms with the
      neighbors.. but it was worth it when you held it at 5,000 RPM on the
      highway. and it cost me less than $200 at this seedy biker run
      exhaust shop.
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