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3033metric wheels!?

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  • Alex Soduk
    Nov 5, 2004
      hey guys...new to the board and the BMW world but somehow a 86 535i
      has come into my life and I am learning about 390mm wheels. they are
      WAY too expensive and I figure buying used set of normal sized wheels
      and tires will be about the same price as just a set of 390s. They
      would certainly pay themselves off in 2 sets of tires anyways. So, I
      am wondering what wheels fit the car. I see that on ebay there are a
      ton of BMW wheels for very good prices(compared to the porsche wheels
      i am used to buying). were there other bmw cars that used the same or
      compatible offset/width? perhaps an aftermarket wheel to look for?
      i'm tempted to try fitting a wheel from the 328 that i also somehow
      have becoem close to jsut to see... experiences???
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