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3036Re: [bmw e28] RE: E28 subframe bushings

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  • a88aza88a
    5 Nov 11:57
      just my 2 cents.. Jim's right, you want someone who knows what
      they're doing, but I also hate the dealership, with their ridiculous
      labour rates and parts mark-ups.. a brake job at the dealership could
      easily cost more than an older e28. So I say go to any independant
      BMW mechanic around.. there's gotta be someone reasonably close who
      charges considerably less, and anyone who services BMWs regularly
      ought to have the tools and know-how to get it done quick. this is
      standard maintenance on all older bimmers. just for an example, my
      buddy charges (CAN) $65 an hour for labour, and can do them in 2
      hours or less. that beats $100+ for labour at 3.5 hours, and no break
      on parts.. you're looking to pay more than double at the dealer.
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