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3039RE: [bmw e28] metric wheels!?

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  • Blake Nancarrow
    5 Nov 14:31
      On Friday 5 November 2004 1:20 PM, Alex Soduk wrote:
      > somehow a 86 535i
      > has come into my life and I am learning about 390mm

      When I bought Mr. Blue, he came with 2 sets of rims.
      The "summer" rims are BMW TRX (metric) "bottle caps"
      with 10 year old Michelin TRX tires. I forget the
      exact width but they are the "narrow" ones.

      I borrowed a friend's rims with TRX rims with 220/55
      vr 390 tires. This is the wider version of the metric
      tire. These were old tires which he said I could get
      rid of. I tracked the car that season, did about 15
      driving schools around North America. In the dry, I
      got an incredible amount of grip!

      The other set of rims I have are aluminum "basket
      weave" (BBS?) with winter tires, Motomaster (Canadian
      Tire) Nordic IceTrac P195/70R14. I.e. 14" rims.

      No fitment issues with any of these.

      A couple of years ago I bought some cheap 17" Team
      Dynamics alloy wheels (powder coated white; makes it
      look like the Pimp Mobile). They were wearing 215/4
      0R17 Falken tires.

      The only problem mounting these rims was that the
      front hub bearing dust covers interfered with the
      centres of the rims. I swapped the dust covers for the
      same types used on the E30 M3. These covers fit inside
      the rotor vs. the old style that was taller and had a
      big lip.

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