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3048Re: [bmw e28] buying a 97 or 98 528i automatic

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  • Ron Kall
    Nov 7, 2004

      Repairs on this car on miles dependent
      and replacing normal stuff the prior owners
      did not replace. This car is timing chain, so
      no belt to worry about. Water pumps do last
      maybe 60k. Brakes pads maybe 25k, rotors same,
      radiator - 7-8 years.

      If you are doing the work, you will save a lot
      of money. Budget maybe 2k per year for repairs.
      Less if you are lucky and you do the work.


      This car is an E39. Check the threads on their
      board. Look around for it.

      --- versa73guy <versa73guy@...> wrote:

      > Hi, I'm in process of buying my first BMW and have
      > noticed quite a
      > few mechanical problems or gliches with them. I'm
      > looking at 97's
      > and 98's. I was told to ask about the: radiator,
      > fuel pump, water
      > pump, shocks..anything else in paticular? Also, what
      > would be a good
      > guesstimation on annual repair/maintenence costs?
      > Thanks for your time!
      > Rob in Minneapolis, MN

      Ron Kall
      Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

      1986 528e
      1985 535i

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