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3051My love / hate relationship with my e-28

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  • Norman Hauser
    Nov 7, 2004
      I have a 1987 535i and its a love/hate relationship.
      I bought it for 1500$US it looked so nice, I noticed a
      few needs here and there. I've got over 5 grand into
      it at the moment and it always is something else. i
      put in a radiator, a voltage regulator, TWO front
      window motors, front brakes (rotors and pads) new
      tires(continentals) a tune up at a high end foreign
      repair shop 1100$ , new sway links(and my suspension
      repairs aren't finished yet) . It still needs; rear
      brakes , bushings, springs or struts or both (rear is
      squating) have a shimmy in the front end at 45 mph ,
      has bent rims BMW rims. Needs something which I havent
      figured out yet in the fuel injection system (the
      performance comes and goes) . there is a bad noise in
      the front of the motor and I havent decided yet if
      it's a waterpump or the alternator, or it could be the
      power steering pump(I dont know , I'm waiting for
      another clue) AND the on board computer doesnt work
      (the dash mount panel). My speedometer bobs up and
      down, theres a flicker in the temp gauge and the ABS
      light is on.
      BUT... It is fun to drive for the most part, it
      handles real well and has alot of power. It looks good
      all black with a red pinstripe, sunroof, BMW style#23
      rims 17" low profile tires. I put a new BMW emblem on
      the hood and I keep her waxed with turtle wax Black
      colored wax. I will expect to spend about another
      2500$US on her to finish it up, its worth it. Then I'd
      like to do some performance upgrades like H.P.
      injectors or a turbo retrofit, but it could use that
      extra push. Its a car in progress , alot of weekend
      tinkering but she gets alot of looks, the old 5's rule
      on the road, they've got a style thats long gone,
      they're solid metal no plastic, heavy and bold. I have
      a love/hate thing with mine.
      if you are mechanically inclined and have alot of
      metric tools : i'd recommend an old e-28. be prepared
      to spend some dough. if you arent mechanically able -
      don't even think about one of these, the repair shop
      will drain you, I mean it, its a hundred here two
      hundred there and I aint kidding , nothing (no part )
      is cheap, and labor is triple the part, just about.
      thats my story any questions? normanthefloorman@...

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