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3055e28 Central Locking

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  • crunwump
    10 Nov 02:08
      Hi everyone! This is a brilliant group. I've just bought my first
      car - a 1983 520i - and it rocks. It seems structurally quite sound,
      but there's a few problems I'd like to sort out, not least of which
      being that the central locking is horsed. At the minute, to lock the
      doors I have to lock the driver's door with the key, then walk round
      to the passenger's door and lock that one with the key as well.

      So anyway, I'll get to the point. On the driver's door, and the two
      rear doors, there's the usual plastic button that you can pull up or
      press down to unlock/lock the door, but on the passenger's door
      there's just a little plastic disc covering the hole: no kind of
      button or switch at all. Is this normal for e28's? How is the
      passenger supposed to lock their door from the inside?

      While I'm here I suppose I could ask if anyone else has had similar
      problems? I've read Jim Cash's excellent posts about the central
      locking, and I'm gonna take the doors apart someday soon to look, but
      if anyone can give any extra guidance it'd be much appreciated.
      Incidentally, when I turn the key in the driver's door I hear a relay
      clicking somewhere under the steering wheel (the control unit

      Thanks for your help

      Michael Orr
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