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3057Re: [bmw e28] e28 Central Locking

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  • Craig Newman
    10 Nov 09:22
      >At the minute, to lock the doors I have to lock the driver's
      >door with the key, then walk round to the passenger's door and
      >lock that one with the key as well.
      You haven't said if when operating the drivers or passengers
      door if any of the other doors loak as well. When I got my 520
      the passengers and passengers side rear door didn't operatewhen
      using the central locking but the drivers side front and rear
      did. I removed the door cards and found both the connector plugs
      to the central locking relays in the door not connected, plugged
      them in and it all worked fine.

      While you're there use some silicon lubricant along the window
      runners to aid the window motors and a generous spray of WD40 or
      similar over the entire central locking rods will make life
      easier for the locking system motors as well.
      It's also a good time to check if there's much/any rust along
      the inside base of the doors and remove any gunge from around
      the drain holes that would cause rust to start.


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