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3068Re: [bmw e28] noise oh' noise!

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  • Brian M. Armstrong
    Nov 12, 2004
      thanks for the advice. i have compared with the other doors and they
      appear to be the same condition. I am going to go try that tomorrow
      and see what happens.


      --- In bmwe28@..., "Anthony J. Sollitto"
      <asollitt@d...> wrote:
      > I'm assuming your bimmer rattles over bumps and sounds terrible?
      > cheapest and most effective way to fix this is to wrap the metal
      > on the vehicle that connects to the door (the round section, the
      > striker?) with electrical tape. This will end any rattles and
      > sounds from the doors. My 1983 528e is silent over bumps with this
      > The real fix I believe is to adjust the doors, I don't know how to
      > this but this cheap and effective. Please tell me if your
      > Anthony Sollitto
      > P.S. Do you guys have squeaking dash boards, because I would love
      to fix
      > that on mine when it's cold.
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