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3071RE: [bmw e28] noise oh' noise!

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  • Doug Dykaar
    Nov 13, 2004

      The striker on the door, the piece on the door that rotates when the door
      closes, has a plastic cover. When they get old, they spontatneously
      dissappear, leaving no evidence of their existance - other than creating a
      gap that makes the door more difficult to close, and possibly allowing the
      door to rattle. They are one of those wonderful doo-dads that the dealer
      gave to me for nothing. Even the retail cost <$1.

      See if they're there. I can email a picture if you like.



      Message: 1
      Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 00:04:35 -0000
      From: "Brian M. Armstrong" <barmstrong@...>
      Subject: noise oh' noise!

      Everyone I need help. Do you know the sound your car makes when you
      door isn't all the way shut. It rattles and bangs like a dog being
      bounced behind on a leash. Anyhow, I have looked at the door, which
      is the drivers side rear, and can't find anything loose. I have also
      gone to the trouble of removing the wheel and looking at the
      suspension to see if something was amiss, nothing. I am going crazy
      here, someone please help. Does anyone know of something inside the
      door that could make such a racket?
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