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3074RE: [bmw e28]driveshaft too short

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  • ben tabor
    14 Nov 05:46
      i had a "hum" from the rear axle,this turned out to be play in the
      c.v.joints both inner and outer.
      I replaced the shafts on my uk m535i with 528i items "same as the ones on my
      On the supject of "driveshafts to short".
      Have you got the correct final drive/L.S.D diff fitted?
      As the shafts from lesser powered models had longer shafts due to a smaller
      Found this out when replacing my shafts!

      Hope this helps a little!


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      >I seem to have a hum at high speed. could this be the result of a 'out of
      >balance' drive shaft? do they have weights that can be seen? where? where
      >could you take a shaft to be balanced? I have done everything I can with
      >tires thinking that is the culprit, but its not. bmw dealer? David
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